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Things that make you go... hmm?
Things that make you go… hmm?

Submitted by Leslie T. >>>

1.  How is the selection made?  I know you’ll accept me with my illustrious family history and ability to tell a Beaujolais from a Vieux Papes, but I’d rather die on earth than have to sit next to a Kennedy or a Carter.  You are screening people, aren’t you?
This is MTV’s Real World to the nth degree. We are picking people by random but hoping against hope that it elicits the most drah-ma.
2.  Is there a separate list for our four-legged friends, or do I just put Wuggums name in after my own?
It depends on weight restrictions so if you do get drawn, bring Wuggums. But if all the Wuggumses weigh too much, we’ll take the cutest ones. (p.s. We’re cat people rifaximine france.)
3.  Will I be getting an orientation packet?  I do love to see photos of the resort before I actually get there – a DVD would be acceptable.
Put “Event Horizon” into your Netflix queue. Hmmm… on second thought, watch “2001”. Well that ending doesn’t make sense. “The Black Hole” is a Disney movie… on second thought there’s a lunatic on that space ship. “Apollo 13”?
4.  How may I contact the Activities Director?  When my bridge club took the Alaskan Cruise, there were some activities shamelessly lacking.
There will be no end to fun as we learn together how to grow food and pee in zero gravity.

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