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They got SPACE BLOBS on Earth now too…

We’ve been on pins and needles over here at the Earth Evac List since we learned that there’s a such thing as Space Blobs. Now we find out that they’re in our own backyard (Alaska)… Let’s just all agree that whatever it is, we don’t start marketing it as Yogurt.

Giant-Spitting Worms

If there’s an all out Ant / Worm war, I think we’ll be spared. Otherwise, find the dad from Family Ties and follow him. Kevin Bacon, too you could try this out. Scientists search the great Northwest for the Giant Palouse Earthworm? Leave them be!

Oops… biggest Black Hole is Super Biggest

At the 214th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, a group of scientists announced is, “…two to three times heftier than previously thought,” according to an article on Yahoo. Two or Three times larger??!? Imagine you’re about to get into a bar fight with a dude who weighs about 200 lbs. You get outside and […]

Now There’s BLOBS in Space

“A newly found primordial blob may represent the most massive object ever discovered in the early universe, researchers announced today.” according to this article on Yahoo. I guess scientists may not realize what ordinary people do – BLOBS ARE MONSTERS! And when you see a Blob, you run go here. If the Blob is […]